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Why you need to Tour Uganda (East Africa)

  • About Wildlife, Uganda is the only country that offers you mountain gorillas, chimpanzees as well as wildlife encounters. The country offers a chance to view the big Five as well as the chimps and the gorillas. Uganda is also one of the most generous countries in all of Africa in some regions, one can harvest up to three crops a year. Near Rwanda, there are newly grown apple trees and these are producing two crops a year.

  • With the equator that runs through it from east to west, as well as the royal rift valley that makes its mark from south to North and starting of the Nile River that is found here and runs throughout Uganda to the north towards the Mediterranean sea, Uganda is indeed a wonderful country with magnificent land ,

  • Get to taste some of the local fruits and find the surpassed taste of the pineapples, here you can even eat the center , the juicy mangoes to live for, there is also the papaya that tastes so freshly and fruity. The Jack fruits are also closest fruit to the honey as a fruit.

  • Uganda has also been gifted by nature and also blessed by the richness and the diversity of its people. Uganda is really the hidden pearl of Africa and waiting for you to discover it, adventure Africa by discovering the pearl of Africa.

  • There is also coffee abundance and the finest mountain grown Arabica beans, plus the Robusta beans that are used for most of the instant coffees and cola drinks in the west, including the Cola products and more.

  • Some of the tourists have called it the banana republic of Africa, not because of its form of government but due to the variety of bananas that are found here. Uganda also grows more bananas than any other country in the whole world except India.