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Why you need to Tour Uganda (East Africa)

  • Uganda is also still intact by mass tourism and has got much to offer. Uganda is coupled with the diverse nature and cultures, wildlife, chimpanzees, gorillas, white water rafting adventures, volcanoes as well as the Rwenzoris commonly known as the mountain of the moon.

  • Uganda is a home of the mountain gorillas, chimpanzees, the 10 National parks as well as the wildlife reserves, there is also the tallest mountain ranges in Africa; the Rwenzori Mountain of the moon, there is also the historic River Nile, this shows that Uganda has got a lot to offer to its clients.

  • Expect to enjoy a visit to Bwindi impenetrable Rain forest and enjoy the gentle giants, famously known as the mountain gorillas. You can as well hike high mountains as well as the glaciers on the Equator in the Rwenzori Mountains or the volcanoes in the Mgahinga Gorilla Park or the mighty Mount Elgon National park.

  • You can also expect white water rafting along River Nile, the fun nightlife of Kampala, the beautiful jungles of Kibale Rain forest with the highest concentration of primates with East Africa, including the chimpanzees. You can also view Uganda’s savannah, rivers, Lakes, wildlife, the scenic wonders, so you should not miss this great treasure.

  • Uganda has also got the largest Lake in Africa which is Lake Victoria with its idealistic and Idyllic islands that give a great resting place after the long safari. You can as well sit under the palm tree on the sandy beach along the equator and then enjoy the very pleasant weather of 22 degrees Celsius to 80 degrees Fahrenheit all year round. And this is the most perfect holiday weather during the two rainy seasons.

  • You can also enjoy the snowcapped Rwenzori Mountains that strong holds over much of western Uganda, the rain forests and the jungles that are not found in any other East African country. You can as well opt for fishing at the bottom of Murchison falls were the Nile perch are found. Wherever you turn the green vegetation of its vegetation gives a very pleasant back drop, so one could call this the evergreen state of Africa.